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The choice of hotels or any other type of accomodation has a direct and significant influence to your entire travel experience. Whether you have already booked flights and/or car rental, defining the needs is necessary to adapt the hotels to your planned trip. What is important to you? Are you looking for an accomodation for just laying your head or do style and ambiance of the hotel are meaningful to you? Are you interested in meals or activities for children? Perhaps you are looking for a quiet and intimate hotel that is not bustling with children.

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Five-star hotels offer plenty of treats. If you are interested, it is important that you check the “margins” of each hotel and what each means. A particular bargain price, which is much lower than other five-star hotels in the same area, is worth examining. Even if the hotel is really prestigious and meets your needs, the bargain may be covered by other costs. For example, hotel proximity to a main road, a train station, an industrial zone, or a nightlife center can be a problem if you are looking for peace and quiet. Alternatively, it might be that some parts of the hotel are or will be under construction upon your stay. Do not guess, but rather make sure you check all this on time.

Distant or nearby hotels?

It is important that you choose a hotel that is suitable for the nature of your trip. Love to rest and be pampered? Choose a hotel that offers you plenty of internal attractions. Do you prefer to come and go often, feeling free and independent and to reach anywhere quickly? Choose a hotel close to the entertainment centers you prefer. This will will also save you on commute expenses. Going on a business trip or visiting a convention? In such case, it would be better to stay as near as possible to the main business venue. Although it might be more expensive to stay at the hotel holding the convention itself, there should be other, more affordable hotels, close enough to it or with a short commute.

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Check all details in advance

It is tempting, and rightly so, to choose a hotel according to the image gallery that shows it on the site. However, it is highly important to remember that the pictures do not necessarily reflect the overall reality. A professional image can present the room from a particularly flattering angle. Try to view as many photos as possible in order to get a wider view of the hotel. Moreover, do not forget to find out about the accessories and amenities that are included in each room. That is because nothing is self-evident (in some European countries, for example, not every room has an air-conditioning system). Furthermore, don’t forget to check for a variety of TV channels, audio system, kitchenette, refrigerator, kettle, hairdryer, towels, bath or shower, etc. All in favor that you really choose what suits all or at least most of your travel needs.

Last, but not least, make efforts to obtain hotel recommendations and reviews, preferrably from acquaintances (who actually stayed there) or at least scroll some reviews in the popular rating and price comparison websites.