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Ski and Snowboard Holidays 2023/2024

Ski and Snowboard Holiday Packages – How to plan a successful Holiday?

We call it a dream upon  white cream (aka powder). The fast downhill slope glide, the treats that await at the hotel, the combination of the Après-ski scene and the endless sense of freedom you get on the snow are all worth every moment. To spill it out loud, we have gathered some tips to help you land a  successful ski and snowboard holiday.

Choose a ski and snowboard resort with matching level of slopes

You don’t have to be an expert to hit the slopes. Many resorts  offer a variety of slopes suitable for beginners, as well as for advanced skiers, so anyone can find the resort that would entirely satisfy them. In case you’re a novice skier, it is best to pick a resort that offers beginner skiing lessons, and a one that suggests a fair amount of  blue trails, which indicate the easier and safer way down.  However, if you fit the advanced level criteria, you would most likely prefer a resort offering multiple expert (aka black diamond) slopes.
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Choose a resort that combines an exciting Après-ski scene and nightlife

Don’t settle for just the day game. Part of a successful ski and snowboard holiday is the combination of daytime action and nighttime fun, especially the Après-ski. These afternoon hours, just when the lifts are closing, are dedicated to socializing and indulging. It is a genuinely perfect holiday treat. We recommend picking a resort that is not far from recreation areas or ones that offer recreation areas within.
Notice what each resort offers:
Bars? Restaurants and cafes? Shows? Attractions like snow paragliding,  and speed sleds  or ice skating rings? What’s your treat (or trick)? Our tip – go for a ski resort that offers spa treatments and facilities, as there is nothing like calling it a day with a soothing deep tissue massage or an outdoor hot-tub and a sauna. These serves and rejuvinates your body and soul towards the next  day of exercise.
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Looking for ski and snowboard holiday packages at bargain prices?

Most holiday makers usually opt for a week long package based on season offers. However, the privilege of a swift weekend package, may better suit those who are interested in a shorter powder taste.
It is highly recommended that you book  at least a few months in advance. Why is that? Due to lower airfare costs when booking in advance. We also recommend checking out the warmer and weaker seasons for better deals. In case you prefer a less crowded experience, a ski holiday during the weak season can suit you, since you generally obtain a wider skiing space for a  lower cost.

A firm heads up: ski and snowboard holidays are highly addictive. Are you still here? Go hit the slopes!